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6 Fascinating Reasons People Like Chihuahua

by Jonathan

Dogs are among the oldest and most loyal companions of man. Numerous breeds of dogs are found some straight and some result of the cross. Among the oldest and most revered breeds of dogs is Chihuahua. Their connection with humans can be traced to antiquity are equally loved still in present times. Below are listed some carefully selected reasons why people like them so much.

Most people Love Small Dogs

People often look for small dogs to adopt as pets. Their love relationship goes on a perfect pace till they grow out. Then some problems may arise for it is not easy to have a big douse around you all the time in the house. On the other hand, Chihuahua is small and they stay small. Typically, they weigh not more than seven pounds and their height is not more than nine inches on average. So, they are perfect for you if you love small dogs.

Chihuahua are Fun Loving

Chihuahua is different from many other dogs for they are equally fun-loving as their owners. You can freely cuddle them and be sure that they are anything but dull and bored. Internet is filled with how Chihuahua shrugged off life-altering disabilities and strived to live life in the best possible way. Chihuahuas are good family pets and easily adjust to their surroundings.

Chihuahua are Easy to Style

Some people like to have their pets in their own style. Girls love to style their pets and arrange outfits for them. The interesting thing is not every dog looks good in stylistic variations. But you will never see a Chihuahua looking bad in sensible styling. If you have seen the famous chick flick “Legally Blonde”, you will clearly understand what I am saying. To make the styling easy, you can visit any popular online Chihuahua store and buy some fancy stuff for your Chihuahua.

Lifespan of Chihuahuas are Long

It is said that small dogs live considerably longer than larger breed dogs. Chihuahua is small dogs but even in small dog breeds, Chihuahua lives a generous life. Death is paramount for every living being human or animal but Chihuahua’s have the capability to run the long way with you.

Chihuahuas are Smart

Dogs are generally brighter animals. However, variations are quite common and some are brighter than others. Chihuahuas are a very bright breed of dogs. You will notice it when you begin to train them. Owing to their smartness, they are easier to train than others. They readily understand your cues and you don’t have to repeat things so often. Moreover, they clean themselves pretty well once taught and don’t smell very bad.

Chihuahuas are Low Maintenance Breeds

It is evident as they are small in size, their diet is also limited. They are affordable to feed and care for. Chihuahuas need only 20 minutes of daily exercise which is nothing compared to some other dog breeds. Also, they are generally a healthy breed and will save you a lot since they do not require frequent vet visits. Due to their small size, you can easily bathe them and can save money since they can adjust pretty well with you and don’t need special arrangements.

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