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Dog Training: Do-It-Yourself or Obedience School?

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Dog Obedience

Puppies are beautiful creatures and humans have a long history of love for them. The most interesting thing about dogs is that you can train them. Not all pets can be trained as variedly as dogs. But because of these qualities of dogs, they are called best friends of humans.

Many pet owners choose to train their puppies themselves, while there are some who prefer to send them off to dog obedience schools. Of course, when training pet dogs, you have to know even just the basic techniques in order for them to grasp what you want them to learn.

In most cases, however, dogs seem to recognize words said by their master and associate this with a particular task that they need to perform. Or perhaps, the master makes gestures like performing a sitting position himself, which the dog somehow picks up and imitates. Experience and personal technique are what make training a dog a success. Desired results can be had depending on the persistence and positive attitude of the master to train, not to mention his relationship with his dog.

Obedience schools are a great alternative to training your puppies. While one reason for enrolling a dog in such a school is to pick up a useful ‘trick’ or two, another great reason is for them to be given a chance to socialize and interact with other dogs. The school will definitely help him get along with dogs of his own breed and even different ones.

One must careful though, of stubbornly unsociable and violent dogs which bark and run after other dogs, especially the petite ones. If this is the kind of scene that you notice in your dog’s obedience school; it certainly is not conducive to training and socializing. It is best to find another pet dog school that has a more peaceful, harmonious atmosphere.

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