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Keeping My Pet Cat – and Keeping My House Smelling Clean

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Keep Smelling Clean

Does your pet cat urinate inside your house? Unfortunately, mine does. And while I love my cat so much, I do hate this not-so-pleasant habit of hers. For who can stay inside any room stinking with foul cat urine odor? Not me, definitely. Scrubbing, brisk brushing, washing with lots of water, alcohol, perfume, room deodorizer, and window cleaner – I have done everything to remove the odor but unfortunately what you need is a lot of time for it to your room to smell fresh again. A lot of time that is.

So sometimes it does make me think, it does seem difficult to keep a pet cat and at the same time keep your house smelling fresh all the time. Of course, not even a grossly stinking room can make me want to give away my pet cat. I have to deal with it, and by dealing I mean immediately following up every time my beloved cat messes up.

Your pet cat’s urine is like a great force in itself. I am sure if your cat wants to be left alone, all it has to do is urinate on its territory and surely everyone will dare not go near it. I would have to – that is, to clean up its mess. The thing is, nothing seems to work totally, I mean the freshness of smell that my room originally had is gone.

I have bought most existing urine cleaners or removers from the pet supply store, and while some are effective, it is not a hundred percent. It’s like your pet cat’s urine odor is just being masked. Well, this specialized cleaner from the pet store is much better to use than the ordinary cleansing products or soap, which seem to fail in dealing with cat urine.

If you wish for your cat to urinate in its litter box, try to maintain the box, and keep it always fresh and clean. Or perhaps your pet cat has a problem with its excretory or urinary system so it tends to urinate anywhere when an unexpected urge arises. It is best to bring your pet to the veterinarian to examine your cat and see any health problems. More often than not, you just have a stressed-up cat or in a more serious situation, one with an internal health problem.

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