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Potty Training Your Dog

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Train Your Dog

While we adore our pet dog so much, so we also wish that we can maintain clean and spot-free surroundings as well as fresh-smelling homes. But oftentimes, especially if we have a new pet dog taken in, we would have to worry about cleaning after our dogs with their poop as well as pee. Until you feel that you had enough, decided you will take on the task of potty training your dog yourself to provide a solution to the problem.

Potty Training Dogs – Requires Patience and Dedication

But how does one go about potty training a dog? Better believe it or not, it can be a rather easy task on hand – albeit you would mainly have to possess a good amount of perseverance and dedication, as well as patience for your beloved animal. Of course, you would also have to commit yourself to giving dog potting training one hundred percent; otherwise, all your efforts will go for naught. Remember, your beloved animal will likely need a lot of time learning where the appropriate place is for it to defecate and urinate, so be patient for any non-reaction or negative responses from your pet during its training.

An effective way of potty training your dog is by praising it whenever he goes to the designated poop and pee area, specifically that special corner in your abode. You can give it a gentle rub on the side or even just a few loving pats. Hopefully, he understands that such gestures on your part are his reward; he will then learn to show consistency in his potty actions. And if there is an unfortunate lapse like pooping anywhere other than his own designated area, you should try to be forgiving and tolerant. As much as possible, you must avoid shouting or scolding loudly on your pet as such action will only have a negative effect on the overall success of your goal of potty training dogs.

Another effective means of potty training dogs is by walking them in the early mornings. Not only is going out in the morning with your pet dog and bringing it to the park a great form of exercise but it is also the best time for your dog to poop and pee. Of course, you should allow him to do his thing in a designated place. Be very careful not to let it mess and pool on the grounds, gardens, and yards of other neighbors. And always remember to bring a doggie bag to clean up the mess. Again, praise is a good thing to give if the animal acts accordingly – such nice words and pats can definitely spell success in potty training your dog.

To Properly Train your Pet is a long, continuous Process

Needless to say, potty training dogs can be a long and continuous process that you can do yourself, without any help from a professional. It may even turn out to be repetitive to the point of becoming routine and hence boring, but you simply have to be patient if this is what is actually needed to see success in training your pet. And so, this only means that you must be ready to spend a good amount of time with your dog. It can also help if you have dog training tools on hand in order to make the dog behavior training on the potty a lot easier. It definitely takes weeks, even months until it understands and learns before it finally is able to do the right thing when it comes to eliminating its waste. Be patient – and surely enough you will reap the fruits of your efforts, one of which is having a fresh-smelling and mess-free home.

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