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Yorkshire Terrier Is The Best Home Dog

by Jonathan
Smallish Terrier

Yorkshire terrier – is a beautiful little companion dog. York has all the qualities of the true terrier: fortitude, courage and tirelessness. It is very intelligent and proud! From a hound ratter and assistant of miners, Yorkshire terrier gradually migrated to the salons of fashionable ladies, having become the most glamorous favorite sitting room dog!

Hunter only in the remote past, it still differs with activity, courage and mental balance. According to the latest scientific observations, the Yorkshire terrier has an iron health. Life expectancy of some individuals reaches 15-21 years. These qualities also provide a huge success and popularity of this breed. In general, Yorkshire is different from other breeds of dogs.

Its shiny, silky hair, flowing down to the floor, makes it look like a doll, dressed in a shimmering gown or golden-steel porcelain statuette. Wool of Yorkshire terrier is unique in structure, it resembles a human hair. Yorkshire terrier practically does not cause allergies!

If you are sensitive about the purity of your home and suit, but want to buy a puppy, this puppy is likely to be only….Yorkshire terrier. It will serve you a living talisman that brings happiness and good fortune into your home, will emphasize your refined aesthetic taste!

It is ideally suited for life in a city apartment. Yorkies weigh up to 3 kg (standard), withers height does not exceed usually 20 cm. Because of the small size, close to the cat, these dogs do not need special walking – they learn to do perfectly in the tray at home, like cats. You may walk with it at your discretion and to mutual satisfaction.

This dog has almost no undercoat, and, accordingly, does not molt. Hair of the Yorkie terrier is maximally close to human hair, it is soft and silky as our hair.

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